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Few ways to protect yourself against wire fraud

on 22.08.2019 03:42
​Call, don’t email: If you receive an email with wiring instructions, don't respond. Elite Escrow will never send wiring instructions via email due to compromise.

Confirm with your escrow team: Confirm all wiring instructions by phone before transferring funds and use the phone number from Elite Escrow's website or a business card.

Confirm with your bank: Call and ask your bank to confirm the account number and the name on the account before sending a wire.

Be suspicious: It's not common for companies to change wiring instructions and payment info.

Verify immediately: Call your Escrow Officer to validate that the funds were received. 

Forward, don’t reply: When responding to an email, hit forward instead of reply and then start typing in the person’s email address. Criminals use email address that are very similar to the real one for a company. By typing in email addresses you will make it easier to discover if a fraudster is after you.

Share this information: Pass along information like this to potential homebuyers. The more they know about how fraudsters operate, the more prepared they can be.